Feb. 15, 2017 Coming Soon! Latifa: The Bedouin Blade

NA3AM is proud to announce its upcoming release of a brand new video game based on LATIFA, the first of many heroines to be unveiled from the “Saudi Girls Revolution” (SGR) Universe.

“LATIFA: The Bedouin Blade” video game will be available for Android and IOS on 16 February 2017, with its official release taking place at the first ever Comic Con Jeddah in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), where NA3AM will play host alongside Marvel, Star Wars and many more leading names in the games and comic industries.

Based on the internationally renowned comic book “LATIFA”, co-written by Stan Berkowitz and HH Fahad Al-Saud, the game will be 100% free to play.and experience.

Latifa The Bedouin Blade game screenshot 6

There is only one goal- REVENGE! In this action packed mobile game, users will get the chance to guide LATIFA through 45 levels and across 3 different locations from the SGR world. Facing endless hordes of mutants, timing and coordination will be key to advance in THE BEDOUIN BLADE.

Latifa: The Bedouin Blade (screenshot3)

LATIFA will not be alone. Just like the comic book, learning how to unleash the power of Al-Faisal, her trusted talking sword, will be of utmost importance.

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Video Game details:

Based on the comic book “LATIFA”, created by HH Prince Fahad Al Saud, co-written by Stan Berkowitz and edited by Rozan Ahmed.

Platform: Android & iOS

Release Date: 16 February 2017

No. of Players: 1 player

Category: Action, Arcade, Free to play

Publisher: NA3AM

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