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In the first comic from the Saudi Girls Revolution universe you will meet Latifa and Alfaisal, her talking sword. Join them on an adventure through the treacherous Arabian desert. Only available for digital download.

New heroines are coming


Honor kills. If anyone, Thara knows the real meaning of that.  A villainous rebel militant from Riyadh, fighting criminals in the Arabian empire, Thara wants to be recognized as the strongest full-human fighter that ever existed. 

Kill the strongest to become the strongest.

Currently in development.

Saudi Girls Revolution Game

Go on a journey into the Arabian Empire and experience the madness that takes place in this postapocalyptic world. Join the revolution together with 7 heavily armed heroines with breathtaking personal stories. Fight through genetically enhanced carnivorous baboons, rampaging cyborgs and deadly firedancers on your way to the capital where the final battle will determine the fate of the Empire.

In the News

Latifa, The Bedouin Blade

Feb. 16, 2017

Now Available: The video game based on Latifa, The Bedouin Blade

Now Available Latifa Game

Coming Soon! Latifa: The Bedouin Blade

Feb. 15, 2017

NA3AM is proud to announce its upcoming release of a brand new video game based on LATIFA, the first of many heroines to be unveiled from the “Saudi Girls Revolution” (SGR) Universe.

coming soon tbb